When I started making Panel-O-Matic, I quickly found that there is very little in the way of solid advice on the internet regarding publishing a webcomic. I mean, you can find women giving love to horses, and even jars if you go deep enough, but advice on bringing badly drawn joy to a small mass of people? Nope.
With that said, I’ve put together a list of practices and principles that I have found to be helpful over the time I have been making Panel-O-Matic. These are all my own observations, so they might only work for me, but I’m confident that they can help you too…

– Record every idea, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s that good at the time. I’ve made comics out of ideas by warping the dialogue or changing the direction of comics even as I’ve been making them. Every idea is valuable.

– Read everything, by everyone, even if you don’t like it at first. I come across artwork I don’t like, or dialogues that I don’t find amusing across a range of webcomics. But everything out there has value – find it!

– Subscribe to /r/comics on Reddit; it is a fantastic place to observe some masterful comic creation.

– When you are up and running, post your work to /r/comics. The community there is great and you will get an honest, albeit brutal, representation of what comics audiences want and approve of.

– Post to Instagram – it’s wholly an image based social media so it just makes sense. Take a look at the Panel-O-Matic Instagram to see what kind of responses different posts get, and also see who I’m following – I am inspired daily just through the accounts I follow on there.

– Draw or write something for your comic every day – even if it doesn’t get used, you still earn the experience. It all adds up.

– Immerse yourself in the community. Open up a dialogue with others about your work, and theirs. If the opportunity arises to submit guest art, then do it. It gets your name out there and also allows to work within someone else’s stylistic constraints.

More to be added as they dawn upon me!