Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 10.29.06.pngAt the time of writing – January 2017 – Panel-O-Matic is a very young project, but I keep thinking about the future of it; merchandising, comparisons with other artists and future comics are some of the constant themes in these thoughts of the future.

It might not have been something people have noticed, but I always leave my signature at the bottom of each comic I make, rather than just leaving Panel-O-Matic there. I myself asked myself why I do this, and whether I should begin omitting the Bob Knarwhal part of the credentials? This got me to thinking about other artists, and expanding the Panel-O-Matic artist roster.

What spawned this idea in my head was my frequent perusing of Cyanide and Happiness. I’ve been a fan of theirs since forever, and their wonderful world is inspiring to say the least. For those webcomic fans living under a rock, Cyanide and Happiness comprises of three (four until 2014) artists all contributing to the comics pool. Their styles are similar, as the style of their comic is simple and allows this. On the other hand, another two of my favourite webcomics, The Oatmeal and Poorly Drawn Lines (both of which are superb and wholly awe-inspiring) are the works of a single artist respectively. I want to be like them – bringing joy to the masses with my brand of art, and maybe earning a small living along the way – but I also love the idea of expanding Panel-O-Matic and collaborating with other talented people…I’m just not sure how it would work.

I’m not sure that Panel-O-Matic is old enough yet to even have a discernible theme or style, so I’m not sure how expanding the artist roster would even affect Panel-O-Matic as a concept. Who knows – maybe another artist would help me to develop myself through healthy competition.

I’m neither for or against at the moment, but if you read this and think that you’d like to get on board, contact me through one of the many channels available on this site. Send me some art. Two minds are better than one, so they say – let’s see what we can do with such ample weaponry.