First of all, thanks for visiting this website, or any of the other platforms that Panel-O-Matic exists upon. It’s an honour for any type of artist to have a stranger’s attention drawn something they created.


Panel-O-Matic is an unscheduled, amateur comic by Bob Knarwhal. It began on a sofa in December 2016 during a marathon session of watching the rebooted Netflix series of Gilmore Girls.


As with most of Bob’s projects, it took his complete attention and engulfed every waking thought that could be used outside of his romantic and working life. Now is exists in this website, and is slowly gaining new fans. One day Bob actually plans to learn to draw, which is when Panel-O-Matic will probably have a better chance of taking off.


Bob Knarwhal is an uncouth Englishman in his late 20s. He plays guitar, writes things and created Panel-O-Matic.


Bob lives in Derbyshire and is actually a teacher of children. Yes, really, and yes, legally.


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